Hobby Flowers

Self-Watering Planters

A unique Hydroplanter, equipped with an exclusive self-watering system that faithfully reproduces the natural environment of the plants. Hobby Flower embodies a philosophy of quality, innovation and complicity with nature.

Plants that are planted in Hobby Flower hydroplanters live more and better reducing water consumption.

A drainage bag comes included with each hydroplanter; it contents the enough drainage to complete the following steps. Spread the drainage material uniformly on top of the conductors until they are covered by a layer approximately 2 centimetres.

Cover the drainage layer with soil, leaving a hole for each plant that you wish to plant in your Hydroplanter. Use the appropriate substratum for the desired plant.

Before planting each plant in its corresponding hole we recommend that you loosen the roots (without breaking them) which will encourage the plants to take root in the new soil. If you intend to plant more plants, we suggest that you start with the biggest one.

After planting the FIRST time, it is important to water the soil, slowly and at intervals until the soil and drainage layer is moist and the water tank is full. The level shown on the indicator rod will rise until the colour red starts to appear.

Check out our selection of Hobby Flower Self-Watering Planters Below:

Ferrum Rectangular Planters Ferrum Round Planters Ferrum Square Planters

IMPORTANT! The refill of the watertank reserve should only be performed 4 TIMES A YEAR. If after a few days the level had drop or the rod its lowest level, it DOESN’T mean you have to refill the tank again, not in part nor in full. The water has been absorbed by the system and its substrate.